Tuesday, July 7, 2015

summer living

These photos were from before the smoke from all the wildfires in BC descended upon us.
Holy Moly it was bad - I kept thinking if it was this bad down here in the valley how much worse was it for the people close to the fires?

It is officially summer now.  Our friends are vacationing in California.  Our other friends are due to come home for a long awaited visit.  We have not had rain in months - well rain of any import or measure.  It is Dry. Dry. Dry.  Water restrictions.  And the forest fires.  Over the weekend the hashtag #BCisonfire was trending.  

I am having a difficult time finding my voice.  I will push on and through the mess.  I am the mother of twenty year olds now.  That is proving to be more challenging that you might think.  They are twins.  You all knew that right?  Not identical - in no way shape or form and yet they share common characteristics.  They also do this crazy yin yang thing where one is doing well and on the top of their game and the other falls off the map - then they switch it up and the other circles round and rises to the top and the other struggles.  Seriously. Their entire life they have been doing this.  It is exhausting.  

I am looking for new non fiction book to read.  I have novels to read - assigned reading for Mr W as they are vetting some new literature for English curriculum - and I have committed to reading 5 novels this summer.  

We are off to the Okanagan this weekend to see my folks.  We will swim in the pool.  Read books and magazines.  Visit a few wineries and just enjoy the time away.  Some business too.  That is the great thing about having your own business is you fit it in your life.

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  1. sorry I missed so many posts here. Nice to read them. May God's mercy always shine through all of the challenges that life brings...