Monday, June 29, 2015

mindful walking

So, this is happening in our neighbourhood.  We are warned that the toadlets are crossing.  They are tiny.   Many do not make it.  You must watch your step.  Or you can choose not to.... clearly many chose not to as we were witness to many casualties.  

The weekend was full.  The biggest accomplishment was that Mr. W and I completed an appliance repair and we are still talking.  The fridge was leaking.  Our first reaction was we need a new fridge.  Then we started to price them out and we quickly realized that we really did not want to buy a new fridge at the beginning of the summer.  We are just finally getting back on track after the strike and were not that keen on using our reserves.  I am so looking forward to the day when this will no longer be a thing.  Worrying about how we spend and when we spend it.  Anyways our good friends suggested we google the problem and see if we can fix it... why is this not my first reaction to a problem....  we did just that and watched a youtube video and set about repairing the fridge.  I think we were successful.  And there were only a couple of tense moments and Mr W and I are still talking - so it was a big win all around.

We walked both days.  Power walked in the early am before the crazy warm temperatures hit.  The mountain of laundry was tackled.  We visited with friends.  I drove the Tacoma for the first time.  Hit the reset button on my business plan.  My company will provide a car once I reach a certain level.  I need a car. It is a no brainer.  I am not quite sure what my current stumbling block  is but, I will figure it out.

It is stinking hot.  I am debating whether to set up the tent and sleep outside for the balance of the heatwave. Every summer I set up the tent - it is part of my summer traditions.  We are working on our 2015 Summer Manifesto - Bard on the Beach - making popsicles - and Jam - some tie-dying - some hiking - I have made the commitment to reach 5 books.  Back in the day - I could have read 5 books in a couple of weeks...I have some non fiction and some novels on my list?  What books are on your summer reading list?

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