Sunday, June 14, 2015


Photos are from Grannie's garden.  We popped over briefly to pick up boxes.  Perfect timing on our part as we are on a mission to de-clutter.  Whether we sell or we stay, the eliminating of things that are no longer necessary needs to happen.  I have quite passionate about this project.  I believe holding onto things from the past prevents movement into the future. That is a sweeping generalization but, for the most part - if you are stuck holding onto the past it does inhibit your ability to navigate forward.  At least for me it does.

We managed to accomplish quite a bit this weekend.  Two good walks.  The weather was absolutely splendid.  We have found a new route - one that allows us to walk from our back yard to the trail and back again.  No car driving required.

We have started our summer 2015 manifesto.  That will be posted in the kitchen.  We visited friends on Friday night who are right in the thick of negotiating a deal on a crazy new home.  It is crazy good. A great piece of property that will take them into the twilight of their lives.  We have a nights of BBQ.  One on our own, one with the family. 

We are fighting the fight with aphids who have taken up residence in our tulip tree.  They are producing a sweet sticky substance called honeydew or otherwise affectionately known as aphid poo.  It has rendered our deck uninhabitable.  This is not a good thing.  We have ordered ladybugs and we are watering the tree daily.  If we don't see improvement, then the tree has to go.   

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  1. nice to see you back! I just got back today. glad I checked in. backporch nights with the w's are coming sooon!!