Tuesday, July 28, 2015

this group - these people

These are my people.  These people have lived in the trenches with me for the last 20 years.  I love the all  We were a gathering of five with one soul still in Moncton and we were skyping together making plans for when he would arrive next week.  

I am on a mission to create myself a life that will allow me to spend more time with my friends and family.  Mr W and I are the eldest of this tribe.  That means that we are marching towards retirement - well he is marching towards retirement - as I see myself as an entrepreneur and you never really retire.... you are always working on something which is exactly the way I would want it.  

I would love my friends to join me in my business - for now they are supportive in each of their own way.  As a group I know they want me to succeed.  I want to succeed to show that I can.  This is a pretty strong motivation.  

In other news - I am reading again.  This seems like a small miracle.  It has been a struggle to force myself to focus on one task - like reading 10 pages of a good book in the morning.  Then on the weekends I have started reading novels.  My goal this summer was to read 10 books - 5 non fiction and 5 fiction.  I have read one of each.

In my JOB world - we have hired a publisher and so we will have a new leader at the helm.  This is very good news.

My daughter has decided she is not going to take a semester off school and has registered for classes this September.  She will be living at home with us and commuting.  Our son leaves in just over a month for his Fine Woodworking Program up in Nelson.  And so we will be the opposite of last year.  The daughter at home and the son away.  

I am desperately missing my DSLR.  OK  Not desperate.  But feels like it.  I have my film camera that I out of the habit of using - so with a little changing of behaviour - I could get back into the habit and I do love film so that is not entirely out of the question.  

The air is changing - dare I say it feels a bit like we are starting to transition into fall.  Which is completely nuts because we are not even in August - I start some holidays next week and we anticipate it will be hot and sunny.

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  1. glad you are reading again. it can take a lot of time to re-find one's groove. God's blessings to you.