Tuesday, August 18, 2015

7 Point Creed - Coach Wooden

One of tasks I have laid upon myself this summer is to read more books.  10 in total.  The latest one I read was The Wisdom of Wooden - My Century on and Off the Court  by Coach John Wooden and Steve Jamison.

Coach talked about the 7 point creed that was given to him by his own father - scribbled on an index card upon his graduation from grade school.  These 7 points are not new - we have all heard them before but, it is always, always a good reminder to check ourselves and be accountable.  I am constantly learning and striving - often falling short of the mark but, so far I am still moving forward.  Here are his 7 points:

  1. Be True to Yourself
  2. Help Others
  3. Make Each Day your Masterpiece
  4. Drink Deeply from good books including the Good Book
  5. Make friendship a fine art
  6. Build a shelter against a rainy day
  7. Pray for guidance, count and give thanks for your blessings each day
The biggest one that stood out for me today was the idea that we make each day our masterpiece.  Sounds very much like something Robin Sharma would say.  Or Jeff Olson. You only have this day.  Make it the best one yet.  There are no guarantees that you will have tomorrow.  And with that - I am off to get my physical exercise.  

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