Sunday, August 9, 2015

out of practice

Still life.  Blown out.  Slightly out of focus.  Light meter off.  Shot with Canon ae-1 and 400 fuji film.

Whoa.  My first roll of film back and clearly out of the habit of reading the light meter properly.  The good news is you can only go up from here.

If I am feeling particularly generous - there is a sort of painterly quality - is that even a descriptive term.. ha ha.  It is all good.  I believe I have turned the corner and I will be making some progress in short order.

I completed my first "scope".  Lordy it is brutal.  My eyes are all over the place - was not looking at the camera - so funny.  But the last 5 minutes - I started to get more comfortable.  I totally forgot to put a title on it... but, it is the first one and I am not going to get any better if I don't start.  Same goes for my business.  If I don't do the work and only prepare to do the work - nothing much is going to happen.

If you'all want to check out my first attempt at the persicope app - check it out here:
If you are on periscope - give me a follow and let's see how it goes.

OH.  When I was at London Drugs (one of the only places in town for quick film development) I noticed a whole display of Fuji insta cameras and film.... hello.  I would love one of those.  Seems as though it would be slightly less costly than than resurrecting my polaroid and Impossible Film - which I am still committed to using but not just yet.


  1. lovely to see these pictures. God bless. Write more here as you can! much love, E.

  2. I thought "painting" when I looked at these as well. I really like them :)