Friday, September 25, 2015


Friday.  I love Fridays.  That sounds cliche but, I really do love the way we mark the end of the work week.It is homemade pizza night.  It is our date night - and we are committed to the custom.  It is a rare event that causes us to change our plans.  Good day to take stock of what transpired and to be grateful.

  1. thankful for the communication I have with my children - we talk - we sometimes don't always agree but we all know we love each other
  2. wine - and that we live in a province that produces some absolutely wonderful bottles of red - current favourite is Laughing Stock 
  3. the change of seasons - we had an awesome summer but, I do love autumn and all it brings:  pumpkin spice and boots and tights and sweaters and squash 

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  1. these are a lot of good things! love and prayers!