Wednesday, September 2, 2015

moving forward + random thoughts

These two flanking me.  This photo was taken two years ago.  High school graduation.  Now, we are about to send off my son to school on an adventure and my daughter is about to enter her last year of school and holy moly my hair was long.  

We have hit a very tumultuous road in my JOB life - we are transitioning to a new production company and let's just say it could be going smoother.  Every day, I pray to God to give me the strength and fortitude and grace to deal with the challenges that rise up.  None of it is in my control but, it does have a immediate and distinct impact on how I do business.  Prayer is definitely helping.  

My own business is growing.  I love being the boss of me.  My company is shattering records right, left and centre.  I am thrilled to see my partners achieve their goals.  We are travelling to Dallas very soon.  I am excited.  

I love September.  Boots and School supplies. Socks and warmer food.  Pumpkin everything.  Red wine. 
Cooler nights.  Crisper days.  

For those of you who pray:  one of the elders of our parish was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She will be having surgery very soon.  Pray for them.  Kai and Theresia.

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  1. Lord have mercy on K and T. How very difficult.

    I am looking forward to autumn as well. God bless.