Wednesday, October 28, 2015

day 16 #whole30 decision making

Squash and more squash.  It is a good thing I enjoy eating this vegetable.  Steamed with clarified butter.  But, I have to admit it is losing its appeal.  Going to revisit the recipes this weekend and come up with some new dinner choices.  Eggs are my best choice for breakfast.  I am eating for energy and sustenance right now. Did I mention I was missing yogourt?  One of my best friends keeps posting photos of homemade sourdough bread.  Kills me.  Actually, the idea of fresh sourdough appeals but, a couple a years ago I stopped eating wheat and wheat products on a daily basis and I felt immediate health the bread while lovely to look at does emit the call of the siren.  Wine.  I also miss wine.  Having a nice glass of BC Pinot with my meal after a frustrating day at the office has been replaced with tea.  Tea.  All day.  Everyday I drink tea.  Coffee in the am.  Black.  French pressed.  Hard core.  I am telling you.  The french pressed part is out of necessity as our ol'faithful espresso machine is at the shop - either it will be fixed or it will not.  If not, then we are on the search for a new machine.  This one has lasted over 10 years.  Amazing.   It is simple and basic.  I am hoping it can be repaired.  

I am reading an awesome book -Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins - it is about decision making and choices.  First assignment is to write down 4 actions I need to take that I have been putting off.  I am committed to finishing this year strong.  Who is with me? 

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