Sunday, October 25, 2015

my daily bread #whole30 day 13

Almost half way through my first #whole30.  I am feeling pretty good and still 100% committed to the process.  I have been extremely compliant and I am not stepping on the scale at all.  I eat a ton of squash.  It is a good thing I like squash.  Tonight I am making roasted sweet potatoes and will serve chili over top.  I also eat apples with almond butter and walnuts.  Eggs every morning.  Usually with avocado and salsa.  I miss yogourt.  And Friday night really craved something sweet.  I drink a ton of tea.  I have had zero success making my own mayo.  That was an epic fail.  I miss red wine on Friday nights.  Day 5 was the worst day - I did want to "kill all the things".  Having a big WHY is important and my personal integrity is on the line as I told so many people I was doing it.  I have been doing a ton of reading about diet and exercise and brain health and disease.  I am becoming a brain warrior.  I am hoping there will be some  pumpkin ale still around November 11th.  Learning how to distract myself has been key.  As well as knowing that I have timed this first challenge to the day....keeps me in the game.  

Have you done the #whole30 or maybe you are doing it now.  What are your reasons for starting?  How is it going?  Or maybe you can give me some tips on making mayo?  Happy Sunday,

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