Sunday, November 8, 2015

day 28 #whole30

Both of these images are created using my iphone and new app Oggl.  I enjoy using this app to filter the images.  I am missing my DSLR big time.  I am doing active research now as I am working towards having new camera in my hands by next spring.  I am learning towards to Nikon.  

The first photo is of my new leather wrist cuff made by the most amazing folks at trace of grey designs  The love I have for their craft is boundless.  I was so happy to see them in person and see all their new pieces.   You must visit their site and check them out for yourself.  Second photo is a close up of an Advent calendar full of tea.  I loved it so much I bought 3 of them.  You can find them at Well Seasoned.  I am posting one to my son who is away at school and one is for my daughter and yes, the third one is for yours truly.

Day 28 people.  Day 28 of Whole30 Today we ate homemade burgers wrapped in lettuce and roasted potatoes.  Drinking loads of water and tea.  

The sun shone for a bit; the rain held off and we put up our Christmas lights.  Advent starts for us on November 15th.  We turn our lights on to commemorate the beginning of our preparations. 

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