Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov 2nd Day 21 #whole30

Day 21 of Whole 30.   The end is in sight.  But, it is not really the end but, rather the beginning of a new way of eating and approaching food.  Food is either medicine or it is poison.   I am starting to understand this concept at a deeper level.  Moderation.  Eating is a social experience - it is where community and fellowship take place.  One of my favourite times is sharing the table with family and friends where good conversation and story telling takes place.  

I love this quote from Robin Sharma - I live in the messy.  I live in the hard.  I am looking forward to gorgeous.  Funny thing is we are all at different stages of this quote.  We are constantly starting new things and they are hard; then they get messy and upon completion of a task they are gorgeous - and then we start again.  One of the challenges is to recognize when the gorgeous hits and appreciate it.  I am working on appreciating the gorgeous.  And to be thankful for all the phases of my life.  

Mondays are press days.  They are full and busy and unpredictable.  I am learning to embrace their unpredictable nature and just let the the day unfold as it should.  

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