Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Day 24 of whole 30.  Somehow I lost count.  The good news is I am almost done. Mastered the homemade mayo.  Salmon and potatoes and dill and lemon and homemade mayo and done.  The mayo does not taste anything like Hellman's. I will add some garlic for the next meal.  

Loads of outbound phone calls made today.  Errands were done.  Bills were paid.  Ran into my son's high school principal and was pleased to give him an update.  

Thinking about people in my life who are going through challenging times.  Grateful for the moments I get to share in people's lives.  Humbled by the conversations around me.  Learning to say less and listen more.  


  1. I just recently and a friend call me to talk about some difficult stuff. It was the first time she'd confided in me like that....and I felt so honoured. So good. It's easy for me to cut out people time when things get busy. Conversations like this remind me why that needs to not be an option...