Monday, December 14, 2015

day 14 #reverb15 transformation


Tell us about transformation. 

I am a calmer person these days.  What is that?  Wisdom?  Actual less stress?  New coping techniques?  Diet?   Could be any number of these things.  Personal development?  Recognizing that I still have so much to learn about myself and the people and the world around me.  I am finding a balance between keeping the bar raised high enough and not being too critical if goals are not achieved.  For me personally and for my loved ones.  I used to be more of a perfectionist.   I am definitely not that anymore.  I am still driven to be better.  I am learning to NOT worry about things I cannot control and rather focus my attention on things I can do differently.  Always this time of year I start to reflect on the past year and what I achieved and what fell to the wayside.  I pick a word for the year.  Last year the word was TRUST.  This year I am leaning towards a more active verb.  I sense that 2016 will be another year of growth and early rising.  Waking up early makes all the difference.  I know that and yet, I resist.  But, I think I have found a way.  I am excited to see if indeed I will be able to turn the corner on this behaviour.


  1. yes, worrying about what we can't control is huge, isn't it.

  2. These sound like very powerful shifts to me, and certainly worthy of celebration. And here's to a 2016 that brings you more growth and ease in rising early.