Saturday, December 5, 2015

day 4 #reverb15 replenish

How can you replenish your (physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional resources?  What do you need most of all at this moment?  

Silence is key for me.  I crave silence and stillness.  But, there are days that I storm through my duties and obligations and meetings and chores without taking a few minutes to sit in silence because - well I tell myself I am too busy or the radio station plays a series of good tunes and I don't shut it off or I am behind in my daily personal development listening... and so even though I know the silence is the key I plow along without it.

This month is the perfect time to practice sitting in silence on a regular basis.  The Christmas tree is decorated and sits in our sunroom.  I sit with the tree and it is very good.  


  1. I'd never thought of sitting with the Christmas tree, but what a wonderful way to spend December!

  2. Sitting with silence is something I'm trying to do this month as well. May we both achieve our goal. Peace.