Wednesday, December 9, 2015

day 7 #reverb15

In her seminal book Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott offers the observation: “The evidence is in, and you are the verdict.”

Regardless of where you live in this crazy beautiful world, I'm sure you'll agree it's been a BIG year.

Today, I want to acknowledge that you are here and I am here and we are here.

We're just... HERE.

That feels like a BIG DEAL.

And, that being said, I invite you to reflect on all that this evinces. What are you the verdict of?

I am still here and still writing.  Still trying to figure it out.  Falling down and picking myself up.  Not giving up on my dreams and the idea that one day I will be free.  Which is not to say I am not grateful for where I am now.  I am but, let me tell you I desire the the the captain of my own boat  I am working very hard to take control of my financial future.  

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