Tuesday, December 1, 2015

day one #reverb15

Are you a list maker?  I am constantly making lists. I have a running grocery list in my phone;  a list of books I want to read; a list of books I have read.  I have a list making app on my mobile device.  I have a couple of listology books on my shelves.  I have given the books away as gifts.  I make lists of things to do.  I make lists of things I like.  I rarely make lists of things that have gone wrong.   I have a Christmas cookie list; a vegetarian dinner option list.  I make lists to pack.  I make lists to remember - short term and long term.  I keep some of my lists.  I had a camping list back when my children were little.  I would constantly revise and edit it each summer adjusting items as they became relevant.  It was incredibly helpful to just pull out list and organize our trip.  It also captured memories of small events that we would have forgotten - but now laugh at upon discussion.  Remember when we had to bring our own mouse traps?

Lists create order out of chaos.  They give me a starting point.  Creating a list - either  pen to paper or on my phone breaks the paralysis I sometimes feel when I have too many tasks facing my day.  There is no better feeling than crossing off something on a list.  And if I am honest - and feeling self reflective - I look at the list and see what I am avoiding doing.  Then I need to ask myself why?  Am I being lazy?  Am I afraid? Reluctant?

December offers me the time and space to reflect on the past year lived and to focus on what I hope to do in the future.  It is by far one of my favourite months.


  1. Oh what a powerful invitation - to explore what doesn't get crossed off our lists. I'll be thinking about that today.

  2. I am a list-maker too. I love the idea of keeping lists to remember things. The avoidance you mentioned is something I've been thinking about lately too. I spend a lot of time waffling - opening that same email over and over, starting to respond and then closing it, debating back and forth about the best way to proceed. For me, I think fear of doing wrong, of being wrong drives much of my procrastination. Decisiveness is something I've been thinking about.