Thursday, December 10, 2015

fifty-one things

  1. I am the mother of 20 year old twins
  2. I am married 22 years to the same person
  3. I am in sales
  4. I own my own business
  5. I dye my hair
  6. I love silence
  7. I am reading a Tony Robbins book right now
  8. I like to write
  9. My favourite red wine right now is a Pinot Noir from Mission Hill
  10. I do enjoy a good dark ale - this season it is Winter's Ale or Chestnut Ale
  11. I am a big fan of colouring and I used to colour on the ferry to UVic way back in the day
  12. I have two sisters
  13. I am the eldest
  14. Both of my parents are living and still married to each other
  15. I am learning German
  16. I am passionate about brain health
  17. I drink my coffee black these days
  18. I prefer Starbucks over Tim Hortons
  19. My hair is long 
  20. I completed one Whole30 
  21. I would like to get back into pilates
  22. I miss my DSLR 
  23. I wear contacts 
  24. I love twitter
  25. I love boots and I wear them pretty much constantly in the winter
  26. Earl Grey tea is my tea of choice right now
  27. I eat eggs for breakfast most days
  28. I like to write letters
  29. I like to receive snail mail - who am I kidding... I love mail
  30. I create my own Christmas cards
  31. I really love cheese
  32. and Hawkins cheezies..but I rarely eat them now
  33. I communicate with my folks at least once a week
  34. I prefer apple over microsoft
  35. I struggle with daily exercise
  36. I prefer dark chocolate over milk
  37. I love to read magazines
  38. I wear maryjanes in the summer
  39. I prefer wool socks in the winter and barefeet in the summer
  40. My favourite band is still The Mountain Goats
  41. I like to dance
  42. My favourites to reread are by Chaim Potok
  43. I prefer rings to necklaces 
  44. I have started to wear bracelets and cuffs
  45. I love supporting local artists
  46. I am planning a trip to Iceland 
  47. I love Maui 
  48. I battle the darkness in the winter
  49. I love a good story
  50. I love my family and my friends
  51. I am turning fifty-one today

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