Thursday, January 28, 2016

fuzzy around the edges #mentalhealth

Staring down the end of the month.  How did that happen?  How is it than one month is nearly done?  What did I accomplish?  How much closer am I to the goals I set?  Am I being effective with my time?  What choices am I making?  Who am I influencing?  Who is influencing me? My brain feels like it is going a mile a minute sometimes.  There is so much to think about; read about; learn.  I am sticking with the practice of rising earlier and spending some time in quite meditation.  This is good.  I look forward to this time.  It is only the past couple of days when I felt tempted to stay in bed just a little longer .... for the last week we have risen to hear rain beating down on our sunroof window.  It is a bleak sound and one that I really have to rally against.  But, I have managed to stick to my routine and I am always thankful that I did make the effort.


  1. it's lots of fall and get back up... and seeking Christ's peace... it's not easy to be disciplined, but I too am trying.

  2. Good on you for being mindful of your mental health and noting unsafe routines. This time of year can be hard, but try think of the summer and look forward to the new year. Sunny days and new beginnings for everyone x