Friday, January 1, 2016

new day :: new year

So, here we are, a new day and a new year.  I have always loved new beginnings.  The cracking open of a new journal, new markers, sharpening new pencil crayons, preparing calendars with all the important dates... it is a chance to start over.  Knowing that despite all what has come before we always have the opportunity to start over.  This is essential knowledge for my continued mental health.  I know it is a cliche, but it resonates as truth for me.  

I am starting the new year with a new routine - I am doing some focused meditation in the mornings and then jumping on the elliptical machine.  I have two major goals:  growing my business and improving my overall fitness - which includes weight loss and strength building.  I have minor goals too.  I will be much more selective with how I utilize my time and social media.  I am going back to #whole30 living.  Eliminating sugar, alcohol and dairy will do me wonders.  This will help fend of brain fog and enable better decision making abilities.  I am participating in the #Blog4MH challenge this month.  

What perimeters do you set for your life?  

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