Saturday, March 26, 2016

finding inspiration anywhere

These photos are from a walk we completed last week - the sky was not completely clear but, the rain had stopped long enough for us to embark on our weekend tromp through the woods.  What struck me most about this walk was that initially I was reluctant to go.  I have had a busy month - and my household chores were piling up - but I also knew that I needed to go for several reasons.  The first is that I am committed to getting regular exercise - and walking on the weekends is a nice break from the elliptical during the week.   The second is that it is critical that my husband and I continue to forge forward and make the time to spend with each other.  For so many years - we were busy maintaining the house and the household - navigating driving duties and parenting pitfalls - our conversations were all of a practical, housekeeping nature.  We are working to reforge the relationship on a new level.  

I need to/ want to take more photographs.  We both want to spend more time working on our photography - this is an interest we share and love.  I am saving my pennies to purchase a new DSLR.

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