Saturday, April 23, 2016

saturday mornings

This year I am loving Saturdays.  Especially mornings.  Yep. Saturday morning is the jam.  Other years it was a Tuesday or a Thursday or Mondays... Mondays were good days when I was on a Tuesday to Saturday rotation.  I would send all the people off on their day and the house would be quiet and calm and it was wonderful.  Saturday mornings are kind of like that now.  I get up before everyone else and it is quiet. 

The big challenge is how early do I get up?  I do like to catch up on sleep - but I definitely don't sleep in late as I cherish the solo time in the morning.  We now have a few more bodies in the house and so it is essential that I get up before they do.  I need the quiet, still mornings.  There is not much worse than a day that starts off with chaos.  I  know this about myself.  

The sun appears to be pushing through which is an added bonus.  My list of things to do is long.  I need to cross some chores off today.  There is gardening to be done.  I am motivated to get my garden looking tidy so I can appreciate its beauty as we don't know if it our last summer here or not.  I am also motivated to get my lettuce planted.  I have some business follow up to do as we are heading into the final week of the month. I am not especially worried about the inside chores.  Taxes will be finished tomorrow.  And we have a birthday celebration tonight and our bestest friends are coming home for HOLY WEEK and PASCHA.  

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