Friday, July 15, 2016

on distraction

Yesterday was a hard day.  An attack in / on Nice in France.  The announcement that an amber alert was cancelled because they discovered the body of a missing 5 year old girl.  I packed it in and called it a night early.  Devastated by the sadness and the despair and the tears.   Finding the balance of being aware of what is happening in the world around you; and fighting your own battles and overcoming darkness within your own circle.  Learning when to shut off the radio/TV/twitter feed and celebrate the successes and goodness in your own life without turning a blind eye to the struggles of others.  It is hard.  It has become seemingly harder as I have become older.  

I found a new app last night  Prismaapp It helped distract me last night.  I can see myself spending alot of time running my photos through the watch out.

It is also World Emoji Day today.  That too is a fun distraction.  

And it is Friday.  Pizza night.  Date night.  And generally Friday is a good selling day for the paper.  
My side project - my own company has announced we are opening in Australia.  This is very exciting.

Also I am reading about the You Economy  - interesting stuff here.  

I am committed to the fight.  The sun will shine again.  I will continue to move forward and take the time to love and appreciate my family and friends and celebrate the good in the world. 

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