Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hungarian beef paprikas.

This is a meal I grew up with.  My father emigrated from Hungary in 1956.  We grew up eating variations of this meal - usually beef or chicken.  It can be served over rice but, we prefer homemade egg noodles. The egg noodles are so good.  A treat in moderation.  It is a perfect autumn meal to throw in the crockpot.  Full of peppers and tomatoes...and plenty of paprika.   We make ours without caraway.  Simple and easy.

Chop your beef into bite size pieces.  Coat with flour, salt and pepper.  Chop onions and crush garlic.  Heat oil in a large frying pan, add onions and cook until soft; add garlic and the beef.  Add a couple of tablespoons of paprika - the more beef - the more paprika.Stir fry until brown; add 1 can chopped tomatoes and half cup of celery or not.  In crock pot dump the other can of chopped tomatoes and some beef bouillon a cube or a package... add the mixture from the frying  pan; chop a bunch of peppers - green, red, yelllow, orange... whatever you like... and then let it cook all day. 

Egg noodles are easy.  1 cup of flour  + 1 egg + 1 half tsp salt + 3/4 c water per person... so if you have 4 people - you do x 4.  I'd probably cut the liquid down to half a cup to start... you want a soupy, goopy mixture.

Boil huge pot of water.  Then drop huge scoop of dough on cutting board and slowly cut tiny bits of dough into the pot... they boil and rice to the surface - scoop them out and do more... and do more... and do can buy a contraption that looks like a cheese grater... and you put the dough inside and forces the mixture through holes and makes even, bite sized noodles... or you can buy egg noodles.... but, I am telling you it is worth making your own.... 

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