Saturday, November 26, 2016

Getting ready

Brought out all the things today.  It was pouring rain; dismal.  I have always loved Advent and the Nativity fast - I love the anticipation of Christmas almost more than the Feast itself.  But, this year I have not been feeling it.  Our hearts are a bit heavy these days and it all seemed a bit much.  We forged on and set up our Christmas lights.  We made a few adjustments and changed it up a bit.  We picked out our tree and we set it up inside.  I will hang the lights and everyone will come home tomorrow and we will decorate it.  Just those activities made a difference in my heart.  I was motivated to mix up a batch of gingerbread.  I have always known that you need to do the activity first; there is value in doing the work, falling into the ritual.  

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