Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Remember 2016 - Dec 1 #findthelight

Day 1:  If you had to define 2016 with one word, what would it be?  Do you do this already?  I have been choosing a word for the year since 2010.  I learned about it somewhere on the internets... there are several people who talk about the idea of choosing a word to guide your next year; rather than set resolutions.  It is more of an intention setting exercise.  I will link up some resources* for you'all to check out as I am certainly not the only person suggesting this exercise.  But for now, think about 2016 and if you were to summarize it in one word what would it be.  This will help start the process of choosing new word for 2017.  
My word for 2016 was CONFIDENT:  Having strong belief or full assurance; sure of oneself; having no uncertain beliefs about one's abilities; bold

I chose the word to guide my actions this year.  To move myself forward in new directions with regards to my career and my business and myriad projects.  I will use the remainder of this month to reflect on all the activities, challenges, successes, defeats and see where they fit into this word CONFIDENT.

Let me know the word you choose in the comments or  on my facebook page if you want to share; if you want to keep it to yourself - write it in down for your eyes only... whatever you wish.

*inspired by Gwen Bell , Ali Edwards, Susannah Conway  Gwen Bell put me on the task of using the month of December to reflect on the past year... Ali Edwards and Susannah Conway offer entire courses and workbooks on choosing your word.... I have used Susannah's course several years in a row and highly recommend it... you will not be disappointed.

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