Saturday, December 10, 2016

52 Things

  1. I drink my coffee black
  2. I am the mother of twins
  3. I own my own business
  4. I do not have any tattoos
  5. I have had 3 back surgeries
  6. I am the eldest of three sisters
  7. I was going to be a nun
  8. I love Johnny Cash
  9. and the Neutral Milk Hotel
  10. I take great delight in new office supplies
  11. I was colouring as an adult long before it became popular
  12. I dye my hair so that my grey does not show
  13. I like beer - preferably darker ales 
  14. I am a committed BC Wine consumer
  15. I almost always wear boots through the fall and winter
  16. I wear wool socks in the winter
  17. and no socks in the summer
  18. I like to read
  19. I like to write
  20. I enjoy taking photographs
  21. I like flannel pjs
  22. I am partial to Mary Janes
  23. I wear a lot of black
  24. I enjoy a good find at the thrift store 
  25. I prefer cheese over chocolate
  26. I like my yogurt plain
  27. I crave silence
  28. My vision is poor; I wear contacts every day
  29. I drink red wine in the winter 
  30. I am half Hungarian
  31. I have Icelandic heritage too
  32. I drive a Jeep
  33. My Christmas tree has only white lights on it
  34. I have a degree in Philosophy and Medieval Women's Studies
  35. I own many coloured tights
  36. My nose is pierced 
  37. I tend to wear silver 
  38. I like to support local artisans 
  39. I enjoy sleeping
  40. One of my most treasured times is sitting around the table conversing
  41. I bake a mean poppyseed sour cream cake
  42. I used to bake way more than I do now
  43. I knit scarves... nothing fancy
  44. My favourite authors are Chaim Potok
  45. and Madeleine L'Engle 
  46. I love storytelling 
  47. I tend not to wear make up
  48. I loved pilates when I was doing it
  49. I miss my children
  50. I played the bass clarinet in band 
  51. l love it when someone else brings salad 
  52. I am 52 years old today

1 comment:

  1. many years!!! I know how young this age is! :) Love your list! Many of these things match mine! God bless you!!! Have a blessed year, a wonderful birthday and enjoy the snow...