Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 22 Remembering 2016 #findthelight

Day 22:  Best packaging you have seen?  What is the product?  Service?  Presentation?

I am posting a month's worth of prompts to focus my attention and reflect on the year of 2016.  Won't you join me here and/ or on Facebook, I would love some company.

I think the best campaign I saw this year was the Red Chair in the National Parks of Canada.  We discovered it along our trip to the east coast and once we figured out what has happening we were constantly on the look out for more red adirondack chairs... each National Park had two chairs placed strategically and you were invited to take a seat; take a photo and #sharethechair.  

This year for Canada's 150th celebration they have a new campaign Red Couch Tour  Looks like fun! 

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