Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 23 Remembering 2016 #findthelight

Day 23:  What new interest or hobby did you discover?  

I am posting a month's worth of prompts to focus my attention and reflect on the year of 2016.  Won't you join me here and/ or on Facebook, I would love some company.

Hmmm.... we have already spoken how I am not a maker; but I appreciate well made goods  I did not discover a new hobby but, I have resurrected my camera.  I am taking more photos.  More importantly, I am writing again. The blog offers the perfect combination; a photo and a post.  I am very pleased with my activity and it forces me to do the daily work.  In doing the work, you may eventually end up with something that has some value.

I will use my blog to chronicle my "back to school" experience and I will definitely use it as a stepping stone to a big new adventure I will be beginning in 2017.  

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