Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 27 Remembering 2016 #findthelight

Day 27 What is your most favourite place outside in the fresh air?  Is it your backyard?  The top of a mountain?  A park? 

I am posting a month's worth of prompts to focus my attention and reflect on the year of 2016.  Won't you join me here and/ or on Facebook, I would love some company.

I don't have one favourite... well if I had to choose I would say the most favourite outdoor place is the deck on my own property.  I love sitting out there in the summer - well I did ... the last few years we have struggled with our tulip tree and and an infestation of aphids that have rendered a certain portion of the deck uninhabitable.  that is a bummer.  We are now trying to figure out if we should remove the tulip tree; leave it for the new owners: will there be new owners.... maybe we won't sell right away .... gah.

My next favourite outdoor place is definitely Nathan Creek.  I love to walk there - all seasons... it is just long enough and the view is wide open and usually we see a blue heron or an eagle.... many, many conversations, many frustrations eased, worries released, laughter and arguments.... a lot of living spent on that trail.

My third most favourite place was the Skerwink Trail in Newfoundland - the views were amazing... even though it rained all day; the payoff was huge.  I also loved Gros Morne - also in Newfoundland.

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