Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday gratitudes

  1. Sleep - This week I have taken the liberty of not getting up at 5:20 and I have been going to bed early. I am still fighting this ridiculous cough which is tiresome and annoying I feel somewhat justified in giving myself a bit of a reprieve.
  2. Tiny heater at work - we found a teeny tiny heater that if I keep functioning on the second lowest level takes the chill out of the air around my feet which makes the time at work more pleasant.
  3. Cleared kitchen counters - we have been making more of an effort to keep the counters clear - less cluttered; it is not easy but, it makes a huge difference to everyone's mental state
  4. Our Christmas Tree = the light it cast in the sun room is so lovely; it is on its last days... in fact tomorrow it might come down because Theophany weekend I am going to be busy
  5. No rain - it is not raining right now; it has been bleak and dark since it stopped snowing - the #findthelight challenge is on in full effect

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