Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Gratitudes

  1. Buckleys comes in pill format 
  2. We may see a white Christmas after all
  3. a husband who is willing to go to the grocery store for the big shop at 7am
  4. the bounty of cheese now all in my fridge
  5. Naval oranges 
Guys.. I am still stick.  This cough is like nothing else I can remember.  I am the annoying person clearing her throat and hacking up a lung.  Interrupted sleep - and a lingering sore throat.  I am so done with it.  The good news is that I have lost my appetite for anything too sweet or too rich... so I have been drinking a ton of liquids and it is putting in the right mindset to keep on the path of clean eating  Don't get me wrong... I will be having the cheese on Christmas morning .... oh the cheese... and there will be some chocolate too; and treats but I am thinking it will be done in moderation which is a good thing and the transition to some serious clean eating will be easier.  

How are we all doing with the planning of 2017?  Do you have word picked out?  I am fairly certain I have mine.  I definitely have two main goals set; now comes the work on how will I make it happen.

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