Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Gratitudes

  1.  4 WD on my Jeep 
  2.  the bullet journal community
  3. rye toast - as we about to embark on another round of Whole30
  4. one strand of mini lights in a jar so that the loss of the Christmas tree is not so drastic 
  5. friends who take photos and send them to me (photo above by Victoria Jordan)
Guys.  It is Friday.  Going into a busy and exciting weekend.  My company is releasing a new product and implementing some changes and we are starting the Whole30 on Monday.  So Sunday will be a day of food prep and time to finish putting all the decorations away.  It is also Theophany - and one of my favourite services is held by the river.  What are you doing this weekend?  

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