Monday, January 23, 2017


I am feeling like a need one more day to recover from the weekend.  What does that say?  The week prior was busy so I was grateful for Saturday spent close to home.  Sunday I spent doing errands and food prep for the week.  That is definitely one of the big challenges with Whole 30 is the time you need to spend preparing and prepping food for the week.  It is not a bad way to go; it is just a trade off of time.  I spend less time weekdays making the food and being in the grocery store mid week ... but I sacrifice Sundays and early morning hours... which is probably the hardest for me.  

I am in abit of a photographic funk. I hesitate to add more "things" to my day; but if you don't do the work, you will have nothing to show.  It is all behaviour modification.  Build it back into a routine.  Same as reading every day,  making the calls for work and for my business.  You just have to do the work.  Consistency over time.  What are you struggling with this week?  

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