Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Gratitudes #findthelight

  • payday - on a Monday no less.  I love paydays.  
  • the opportunity to take my course - meeting the class and doing the work
  • antibiotics easily obtained - extended health care - the last time I took antibiotics was 10 years ago...
  • frozen blueberries 
  • libraries - I love the library. I am committed to reading more books this year; six of the must be novels.  I have a couple waiting at the library ready for me to pick up.
You'all I cannot believe it is Friday again.   I had a better week because I implemented a new social media strategy.  I have severely limited my reading of the news on my twitter feed.  I am still trying to find the balance.  I take heart that there are others who are struggling with the distraction.  I am focusing on things I can do and control.  I am brainstorming a little project.  Enjoy your weekend. 

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