Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday gratitudes

  • Freshly fallen snow - it is all in the attitude.  The day promised to be mild so I knew it would not last and I forced myself to remember that there are so many winters where we never see snow so to just appreciate the season as a gift.  
  • Online community - I am so thankful for all the people I have connected with online - through my current course, through previous courses - through instagram and twitter.  One of the best things about the internets is the connections you make with people.
  • New postage stamps - I am participating in this letter writing project for the month of February.  I have had to buy stamps and I am enjoying writing and posting letters and packages.  I am using what I have and it feels good to send little missives of goodness out into the world.
  • Connecting with an old friend from the past.  Had coffee with Steph from  and caught up on life... she is doing amazing with her business.. has the cutest beanies.... check it out.
  • A borrowed coffee machine - our espresso machine is on the fritz.... this is incredibly disappointing.  The first one we bought lasted 10 years.  I replaced it with the same make and model but this one is incredibly finicky... I spend so much time cleaning the portafilter ...flushing it out... either the coffee is too fine.... or the seal is not working or the water pressure is off.... it just makes a huge mess and we can never get more than 2 shots... if we are lucky enough... so now we need to figure out what to the meantime we need coffee so we are borrowing an ancient drip cofffee machine while we do our research.
Guys... I am posting this a day late.  This week was a bit nuts... lots going on in the background.  Friday 
morning did  not follow the plan and when the plan does not get followed... the whole day becomes scrambled.  I did not get upset - but, rather really focused on being present for what was happening at the time.  This is a bit of a challenge for me, but I am working on it.  Happy Weekending.

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