Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday gratitudes #findthelight

  1. coloured markers - these along with the bullet journal ... so much joy in making a list
  2. solid sleep last night - I have been working hard at changing some habits - staying off my phone in the middle of the night ....going to bed just a tad bit earlier 
  3. moved my computer / phone/ reconnected everything in another part of the office... my equipment is the biggest hodge podge with wires and cords everywhere... but managed to get it up and running on first attempt which was a huge relief
  4. established some new clients at work
  5. library books - love the fact that I can just order a book online and wait for it to show up.  I have been working on my reading list for a month and books are starting to arrive.
Seriously happy it is Friday and the weekend is here.  I am looking forward to our Friday night of homemade pizza and an ale or two... connecting with Mr. W and resetting the sails.  

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