Saturday, April 22, 2017

Friday gratitudes #findthelight

  • Sunshine - always, always grateful for sunshine
  • no boots - I think I have finally retired my boots - they are now officially non work attire - next fall I will need something new - these are now officially weekending attire
  • no socks - bare legs for the first time this year 
  • new BBQ - Whole30 chicken on the BBQ - along with salad and roasted potatoes - we sat in the sun until it was dusk - ate by candlelight as we lost power - stored up reserves as the weather now turns to 9 days of rain.....
  • Wine on the deck - I have eliminated beer from my diet until Summer - for a variety of reasons - so using the opportunity to explore some new BC Wines that I have not tried before 
  • conversation with dad - it was good to talk to the parents - we discovered through twitter you can buy Oxygen saturation monitors for the home.... you would think someone in one of the hospitals/ dr offices might have mentioned this ... anyways he is all set up 
Seriously guys.  The sunlight yesterday was life changing.  I know, I need light and this arrived just at the right time.  I was able to reset the sail on a couple of tasks/ goals.  I literally just sat still and filled up the tank inside... knowing that I would need to tap into the reserve later.  

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