Monday, April 17, 2017

weekly intention: listen to intuition

Monday morning after a long Easter weekend... although for some in this household the weekend stretches one more day.  I set my alarm for 5:15 and although awake I did not immediately rise up.  It is always a internal dialogue for me.  One that needs to change but, today I opted to sleep a bit longer as I had a restless night.  Sleeping in past 6am generally means I lose out on quiet time to reflect on the day; for  prayer and meditation which is essential but, in this case since I am the only one up and who needs to be up... it still works out.  What gets sacrificed is the workout time.... but, I am gearing up for this 2nd quarter battle.  I will use this as the situation I bring to the coaching class.  It is a real challenge.  

This weekend was very quiet.  It was just what was needed after a rather tumultuous March where it seemed every weekend I was on the road or at the very least not at home.  There were plenty of silent moments.  I was able to study and reflect on the learning in my course.  I had good conversations with my sisters and my husband.  I was able to check in with myself and listen to what was happening inside and what I was feeling and experiencing.  

I have always been a fairly intuitive  person.  If I listen and heed what my intuition is saying it generally works out.... the story may not be exactly as i envisioned which I have learned is OK.  The challenge is to actually sit and listen.  Sometimes I get caught up in activity and forget to listen.  This year since my word is DECISIVE - I need to be aware and check in regularly with myself; trust my intuition and take action quickly.  

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