Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday gratitudes #findthelight

  • Long weekend is upon us
  • mid week Donairs with Hannah
  • the new BBQ works like a charm 
  • fast recovery from the cold/flue I endured last weekend
  • a gifted box of new to me clothes 
The long weekend is almost here.  The promise of sunshine sits just outside the hazy morning.  I dare to believe I will sit on my deck and bask in the warm rays.  For the past week I have been saying "on the long weekend we will do X..." at some point on Thursday I realized the list was getting long and unwieldy and I had better start writing things down.  I created a page in my journal just for all the tasks/ chores/ projects/ hopes and desires for the weekend - not so much a to do list but just a brain dump.  Then we can prioritize and plan.  There are inside chores and outside projects.  It is all about clarity.  Not everything will get done, and that will be OK. Happy Weekending.  

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