Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday Gratitudes

  • impromptu coffee chat with my son in the early morning hours before work
  • new glasses - it has been 8 years with the same specs - my prescription has only changed a wee bit so I always just updated my contacts....but this year decided on a refresh and I love them and I can see a little better too; and because the sun is reluctant to shine I do not need to worry about sunglasses
  • fresh hair - it is a luxury for sure and one I appreciate and enjoy - I get my monthly fashion magazine fix - 
  • we had a great couple of classes in my coaching class - hard to believe we are winding down and booking practicums at the end of the month
  • overall I have felt a little more balanced this week; have a greater perspective and long term view 
We had the odd blue sky day which was unexpected and quite glorious.  I am looking forward to a weekend to catch up on some tasks around the house and garden.  

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