Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Gratitudes #findthelight

  • seeing my daughter - she is hanging around a bit more - emphasis on the bit
  • conversations with my sister
  • cooler evenings after that crazy blast of warm weather - which I love - but the transition to summer temps was fast and there was little time to adjust
  • library books - I LOVE THE LIBRARY SO MUCH
  • hot, black coffee in the morning
Happy Friday people.  Are we fighting the fight?  I have created another new hashtag for myself - #foundbeauty - I will be using it throughout the remainder of the year - reminder to look for beauty in the everyday.  Similar to #findthelight but; more specific to images.  

I have a list of projects to triage for the weekend.  A couple of missing items to be found.  One of them is the vase on the left hand side of the photo.  The other is Mr. W diplomas from UBC and SFU.  We are making a small exception to our Friday night date night schedule and switching it to Saturday.  I am hoping the sunshine will come back very soon.  

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